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of wisdom and health
P. P. Verlag EU stands for practical philosophy. By this, we mean applying wisdom to life. It is dear to our hearts to pass on wisdom to interested people so that they can more easily perceive, understand and realise the things that matter in life.
With our book by PEPE PERUN “WEISHEIT PUR – SONST NICHTS” (Pure Wisdom – Nothing Else), we offer a tool that helps people to consciously take their lives into their own hands. Lived wisdom constitutes the result of in-depth insight, which leads to inner satisfaction.
We regularly offer book presentations, readings, round tables and seminars with PEPE PERUN in order to offer interested people the opportunity to obtain true answers to the questions of life.
The next book by PEPE PERUN is already in preparation…
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  • Botschaft zum Jahreswechsel
  • BEWUSST-SEINS-SCHULUNG – Kurs an der VHS Schweich 2016
  • Philosophische Gespräche bis April 2015 in Schweich